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“INFERTILITY TO BABY” was developed to assist you conceive, carry and deliver your baby in the most positive and comfortable manner. Equally important, if you are experiencing or have experienced any challenges from “Infertility” throughout your pregnancy and including “Baby’s First 3 Months” the program has separate modules that may assist you manage these challenges and feel more confident.


The program I offer is designed for the Mum-to-be or, the Parents-to-be to attend weekly appointments from the 32nd week of pregnancy. If you feel you would benefit from emotional assistance with any concerns prior to your 32nd week, I encourage you to contact me for a complimentary chat so we may discuss how selecting separate modules may be of assistance to you.


My contact numbers are (02) 9634 6262 and 0409 772 015.


Mum's hands holding Baby's feet forming a heart shape with-in the imageI consult individually (or the couple) and not in a group format as the program is tailored for the individual person/couple.  Incorporating both Clinical Hypnotherapy and Counselling offers you an opportunity to gain information and skills that can assist you in this very personal and important time. To feel at ease asking questions without being self – conscious in a group setting is very comforting. You will be encouraged to discuss your positive and challenging emotions in this relaxed atmosphere.


 I teach techniques so the Mum-to-be may experience a calm and comfortable labour and delivery. Developing a flexible plan so if labour and delivery do not progress as expected the Mum-to-be can remain calm and flexible. The final sessions relate to post delivery of baby and the first 3 months thereafter.


The program includes:

  • physical and emotional relaxation
  • male infertility
  • pregnancy loss
  • healthy pregnancy
  • labour
  • breast or bottle feeding
  • post natal depression
  • ask for help
  • being a relaxed parent
  • female infertility
  • conception
  • high risk pregnancy
  • induction
  • delivery
  • bonding with baby
  • recuperating
  • your health and happiness
  • baby's first three months