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You will possibly have many questions and concerns during baby’s first 3 months, below is a list of most frequently discussed topics.

                                                                          Woman bonding and playing with her little one


  • Why is my baby crying?
  • Why won’t my baby sleep?
  • Should I continue to breast feed?
  • Is my baby progressing as expected?
  • When can I resume intimate relations?
  • Should I have my baby vaccinated?
  • How can I get more sleep?
  • Concerns with my other children.
  • Going back to work.


Now that your baby has been born and you begin to move into a new era of your life, it is natural that you will have some questions. You may possibly have already experienced different scenarios where you were unsure how to proceed.


This component of the program presents various scenarios new parents may be challenged by, and strategies are discussed as to managing these issues. Your personal challenges are the priority of this component and I believe there are no “silly questions”.


Please contact me if you need help coping with the challenges of your new born bundle of joy.


Love your life as you live each day, and best wishes during your journey to parenthood and beyond.