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Mums today have the benefit of choosing mothers milk or fabulous formula to nourish their babies.


Photo of a mother bottle feeding her babyThere are 2 strong camps of thought regarding which is better. I personally believe this decision should be the choice of the individual Mother. Mums should not be coerced into one method or the other, nor should they feel guilty for their choice.


Fabulous formulas offer you the knowledge of how much your baby is consuming. Formula feeding allows other people to feed your baby which can be very helpful, especially during night feeds. You can bond with a formula fed baby just as well as you can with a breast fed baby. Formulas are safe and nourishing, easy to prepare and convenient.


Photo of a woman breast feeding her baby

Mother’s milk offers you immediate, correct temperature nourishment for your baby. Breast fed babies tend to suffer less with constipation  than formula fed babies. Breast feeding assists the uterus to contract. Where ever Mum and baby go, Mum can feed bub with a minimum of preparation.


No matter which method you choose to feed your baby, he or she will be well nourished and you can be confident you are a good mum.