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Some women conceive very easily, when and how often they wish.


However not all women experience conception with that degree of simplicity and regularity. It seems for some women the more they focus on conceiving, the more elusive conception becomes.


You may have heard of women who have attempted to conceive for many years to no avail, then they decide to adopt a baby and shortly after, they conceive. I believe this may be due to the brain no longer being pre-occupied or obsessed with conceiving, but rather experiencing a sense of inner peace and no longer believing conceiving is the only way they can be happy.


I can guide you to calm your mind and your body so they begin to work together. To help you release any self-doubt concerning your ability to conceive, to carry and to deliver your baby. Diminishing any conscious or sub-conscious issues you may have about becoming a parent.




photo of a petrie dish for IVF
image of sperm, swimming to fertilize an egg