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I encourage my clients to develop a flexible plan of how they anticipate their labour will begin and proceed. Please note, I wrote “flexible plan” due to the fact that no matter how well prepared the Mum-to-be may be, situations can arise and for the safety of Mum and bub, intervention may be required.

Photo of  a female in labour in a hospital room, partner giving support

Once again please be guided by your medical team. They will be monitoring you and baby’s progress.  Assuming you and your baby are progressing well you may find moving around as much as possible for as long as you can tends to move labour along more quickly than lying on the hospital bed.


As part of the program described in

“A healthy pregnancy” I will teach you self-hypnosis techniques so instead of fighting against contractions, you will learn how to calm your mind and visualise, and how to relax your body which assists in the birthing of your bub in a comfortable manner.


Breathing techniques and visualisation are very important during your labour. There are different breathing techniques suitable for the different stages of labour. I can teach you these techniques which will assist to maintain your energy level. Helping your muscles respond and rejuvenate well and prepare for the next surge assisting your cervix to dilate and your baby to descend.


There are 3 stages of labour which will be discussed during my program so you will have the opportunity of being well prepared physically and emotionally when you begin the birthing journey with your bub.