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Some Mums-to-be feel a sense of bonding with their baby as soon as they know they are pregnant.

For others, when they see the ultra sound or hear the heart beating of their bub in vitro they fall in love with the little person. When baby is actually born may be the moment the bond develops for some. This experience is different for each Mother.   Photo of a woman resting with a newborn baby on her chest after giving birth, part of the bonding process


If you don’t feel “the bond”, please don’t think you are the only Mum who doesn’t feel it. It can take time for some Mums and bubs to feel comfortable with one another. This does not mean you never will be close, or that you are not a good Mum. Nor does it mean your baby will never bond with you personally. There are many reasons why this does not happen immediately and yet we continue to think bonding will occur by the baby’s birth.


Most issues can be overcome with patience and strategies that I can teach you if you find you are in this position and would like some help.