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Please don’t under-estimate or ignore your own health and happiness when you are trying to conceive, during your pregnancy and after the delivery of your bub.


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When you are healthy and happy you have energy,  you are able to think clearly and make decisions without procrastinating.  You can enjoy your life more and you feel empowered.


Taking the time to recuperate well from the birth of your little one and feeling self-confident are often over looked by a new Mum.


There are so many changes in routine and priorities but your health and happiness really is a priority too.


Some women mistakenly believe they are being selfish spending time and/or money on themselves. Utilizing available resources is worthwhile for you personally and has a ripple effect for those close to you.


Whether you like to exercise, socialise with friends or have a massage, perhaps your preference would be to read or sleep, it doesn’t matter. Looking after you, is your responsibility.


You may have heard the saying “When Mamma ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy!”  This is very true.


I am here to guide you to develop a sense of security in looking after your own health and happiness, to be comfortable considering yourself as important and worthwhile.