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Some expectant Mums enjoy every aspect of their pregnancy, they sail through each stage and feel physically well and strong. Emotionally they are calm, excited and experience few changes in their daily routines.  Healthy Pregnant Business Woman, making a presentantion


Some Mums-to-be experience some form of discomfort during their pregnancy, and these symptoms typically vary in severity during the trimesters.


Physical Symptoms


Physical symptoms of pregnancy which are not of medical concern, but rather are a troublesome intrusion such as morning sickness can range from inconvenient to severe. (Although called “morning sickness” these symptoms can occur at any time of day or night and at any stage of the pregnancy.) Other symptoms some Mums-to-be can experience may include painful legs, aching back, moodiness, heart burn, haemorrhoids and insomnia especially in later pregnancy. If you are concerned about any symptoms, I recommend you consult your doctor.  If your doctor advises you there is no need for further investigation, Clinical Hypnotherapy once again may offer you the desired relief.