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 Pregnancy Loss includes, Sad woman, after miscarriage, hypnotherapy can help


  • miscarriage
  • silent miscarriage
  • termination
  • still born baby
  • premature delivery and baby does not survive
  • full term delivery and baby does not survive


The loss of your baby at any stage of your pregnancy can be overwhelming. You may be aware why the loss occurred, or it may have been spontaneous without any reason being evident. Either way it is a dreadful shock.


I have the skills that may assist you when you feel the time is right to release some of the pain and confusion. I have undergone 2 miscarriages and the premature delivery of my still born baby, so I too have had personal experience coping with this trauma.  However, I do not expect others to feel just as I did.  Your grief is your own and I respect your feelings.


Every one experiences grief and loss differently, even a couple who were equally thrilled to become parents may grieve in different ways and at different times. This imbalance of grieving and timing may add to the sense of isolation and relationship disharmony.


Grief and Loss are incredibly painful emotions, and I am here to help you explore and validate your feelings. I can assist you in understanding the sadness, anger and doubt you may be going through. Counselling and Clinical Hypnotherapy encourages you to remember the positives of your pregnancy, such as the love you have for the baby you carried, the hopes and dreams you had for your special little one. Working together you can learn to reduce and even release the pain of losing your baby at your own pace while not forgetting the baby.


If you decide you would like to try to become pregnant again, I can assist you feel confident that your next pregnancy can result in your baby being carried securely and developing well. Followed by planning the labour and delivery you would like to experience.