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Female infertility is devastating for those affected by it. Research indicates infertility is increasing, and it appears there are many reasons given as to why this increase is occurring.


I have consulted with many clients who have been unsuccessful in their attempts to conceive a baby. Some clients have been issued with a medical diagnosis, while others have been informed there is no medical evidence as to why conception has not occurred, and this is known as unexplained infertility.Diagram of the fallopian tubes in a female human being


If there has been a medical diagnosis, and surgery has been suggested, I would like to help you prepare emotionally for the procedure by:


  • Reducing or even removing any fear of the surgery
  • Reducing post- surgery pain
  • Increasing the physical healing process
  • Promoting emotional recuperation
  • Increasing self-confidence and relaxation.


If unexplained infertility has been suggested, I may be able to assist you  conceive by guiding your mind to work more effectively with your body by.


  • Clearing any emotional concerns you may have sub-consciously that could interfere with your fertility.
  • Visualising your ovaries, ovum, fallopian tubes, uterus and cervix being healthy and functioning as they were intended.
  • Developing strategies encouraging you to enjoy other aspects of your life during this time. To gain a balance of emotional and physical harmony, therefore improving your general health and likely hood of conceiving.